What is The Best Halong Bay 1 Day Tour in 2019

What is The Best Halong Bay 1 Day Tour in 2019

What is The Best Halong Bay 1 Day Tour in 2019
Halong Bay is a natural UNESCO world Heritage site, which is one of the most beautiful landscapes in Vietnam that a numerous travellers desire to come to Halong for the last day of their life. Tourist will get the knowledge about the cultural symbol of dragons carrying the fairy tale, magical. Come to Halong Bay for a day to discover the beauty of thousands of limestone islands with many shapes associated with the legendary story in real life. A fascinating beauty in the world of caves brilliant colors always make visitors to visit the dragon has the experience cannot be more wonderful with Halong full day tour Halong Bay is located in the north of Vietnam, 165 kilometers from Hanoi Center. This place is known for blue waters and thousands of limestone islands topped by rainforests… If you do not have much time, you can take Halong Bay 1 Day Tour


What do you bring in the Halong Bay 1 day tour trip?

When you decide to visit the beach, you should have a good preparation for the main things. The most important factor is the weather so you should search for the weather forecast before preparing something. For example, if you go to Vietnam in the summer, you should bring light clothes, swimsuit, sandals, hat and protect skin. You can bring your particular medicine if you are using, but the normal medicine will be provided by your Halong Bay 1 day tour or your cruise.

As you spend only one day on travelling Halong Bay and your budget is not low, you can book a ticket to go to the destination by plane. In recent years, traveling Halong Bay by seaplane is the most comfortable way for two days tour. Especially, if you spend one day in the trip, you should book the ticket in the flight from Hanoi to Halong Bay which takes only one hour and gives you the beautiful panoramic view on Halong Bay (including 15 minutes seeing Halong Bay from above). The price ticket for one person is 280$.

However, the most popular transportations to Halong Bay is by bus as its price and safe. The main way to get to Halong is by road, which follows Highway 18. If you travel from Hanoi, most cruise trips will pick up you from your hotel (either cruise bus or private car). Currently, you can save road-time by transferring to Halong by air-conditioned bus, it takes nearly 3 hours. However, you must pay more cash for the target.

You will approach Halong Bay at 9 a.m by plane and at 11 a.m by car.

There is one to three round-trips flight between Halong Bay and Hanoi, but there are five to ten flights over Halong beach. Nowadays, many foreigners choose the trip to Halong Bay by seaplane to have an overview of scenery from overhead.

Visitors will be served a lunch while cruising to the most beautiful areas of the Halong Bay. This is a great chance to enjoy the strange caves such as fighting cocks, incense Burner, and many other islets look like Duck, Dog, Thumb.

What are the services on the cruise?

Of course, booking Halong 1 day tour on the cruise is the most popular of traveling in Halong Bay. As a result, you will take a lot of advantages. One of these is you will be guided by the experience tour guide who speaks English very well. Therefore, you will understand the history of destinations and be explained to your questions.

Otherwise, the cruise also provides good accommodation for clients. There are many convenient equipped in the cabins such as air-conditioned, ensuite twin cabins, hot and cold running water; en-suite bathrooms with powerful showers; an elegant dining room.

The wifi system is also provided for guests to be easy to update your photographs on the internet.

Not only that, but the cruise also offers the entertainment system as the licensed bar serving an extensive selection of wines; a courteous crew; and a sun-tanning area and relaxation deck. Especially, in the evening, you can choose some activities to participate in the list including squid fishing, karaoke, music, film, chat,… One of the most attractive activities is squid fishing which you will be offered the necessary relative tools.

All the cruises offer the accommodation for both of the private and joining group. Besides big boat, there are also small boats with a limited number of cabins (01 to 04 cabins/boat). This is personable for couples on honeymoon, family and a group of friends on holiday. Especially, you can ask the tour guide to have an event and celebration. Thus, it brings the romantic and meaning for you in the Halong Bay 1 day tour. Halong Bay are heaven of seafood. You can choose the foods you like and the chef cooks them for you.

You will discover the beauty of the world heritage such as Trong Mai Island, the toad island, Ga Choi Island …, exploring famous caves with shimmering colors as Thien Cung cave, Surprising Cave. Surprising Cave (Sung Sot Cave) is located on Bo Hon island in the central area of Halong Bay, which a large cave and the most beautiful of the cave in the bay. Otherwise, this cave is famous for the unique formation of stalagmite with special shapes in anywhere of a cave. Sung Sot cave is divided into two main chambers. The first chamber is a big theater immense and cave’s ceiling is covered with a layer of stalactites hanging down with various shapes, colors, and sizes. To approach the second chamber, you need to pass the narrow ways to see a completely new and strange landscape, vast cave’s chamber can contain thousands of people as a theater. Finally, you trek to the highest point of the cave, you completely take a view of Halong Bay and take nice pictures to keep the memories.

Secondly, Thien Cung cave is one of the most attractive caves in the UNESCO World Heritage area. There are many strange images on the stone from birds, fish to the scenes of human life. On the north, there are some beautiful fairies that are dancing and singing in honor of the wedding while in some place, the visitors can hear the sound of a drum created by the wind blowing through the stone. There are many legends of this cave that the tourists might be as the story of a young lady named May and the Dragon Prince or the legend of May and her 100 children.

On the beach, the junk moves slowly toward Bai Tu Long Bay and head to one of the destinations in Halong Bay 1 day tour is Vung Vieng fishing village. It is one of the largest fishing villages in the Bay. After climbing up the mother boat, you will be departed by rowing boats or kayaks to enter Vung Vieng village. This village offers a great choice for tourists to experience the villager’s daily life as well as observe the traditional culture and customs of the fishermen. Moreover, you visit to Pearl Farm to learn how natural pearls are created. You will be relax on the sunbathing, traditional massage, swimming and so on. You will spend 30 minutes on admiring the natural landscape then upon return to the boat. Otherwise, you have another option in there, it is going kayaking by yourself at Ban Chan island. Ban Chan beach brings a unique masterpiece which is the harmony between the clouds and water. Rocks and trees of green forest cover the island. Especially, you can join in the outdoor activities like swimming, playing volleyball, kayaking in the fresh air, blue water and white sand stretching for kilometers beneath blue casuarina pines.

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