There is nothing like the truth in the story of our beloved customers. 
Real experiences, real emotions !!!
Take out your pen and paper, and write this down: I MUST GO TO HA LONG BAY. (If you actually took out a pen and paper and wrote that down somewhere you’re an absolute legend and you should send me a picture of that because it will make me laugh)
Keep your pen out and write down: I MUST GO WITH OASIS BAY PARTY CRUISE!!

Alright, alright.. so why am I being so demanding? Well the reason is because if you are on this website, then I love you and I want you to have the best trip ever. Vietnam was amazing but The Oasis Bay Party Cruise was without a doubt the highlight of the trip. I would really recommend going in the warmer months but anytime of the year will be amazing (That’s the beauty of Vietnam!). You have the option of doing 2 days (1 night) or 3 days (2 nights) and trust me when I say you will ABSOLUTELY want to do the 3 day (2 night) trip. That second night was one of the most unique and magical places I’ve ever been (more on that below). 

Ok, so lets get into it shall we. Here is what you can expect from the 3 day Ha Long Bay cruise with Oasis!


 You will arrive to Ha Long Bay! There are two ways you can get here. Either you can arrange to have Oasis pick you up in Hanoi (most people chose this option) OR you can do what Alex and I did and got ourselves to Ha Long a day early and did the hike up Poem Mountain (Blog post about our hike there HERE). 

So however you get there you will arrive at the oasis office and wait to get on the boat!! Once you get to the big boat you’ll have some time to relax in your stunning room with big bright windows over looking Ha Long Bay (I was too distracted by the insane views to get some pictures of the room for you guys, but if you check out their website HERE, you can see what I’m talking about).

Lunch and Kayaks

After relaxing, you’ll head up for some lunch and what I LOVE about this boat is the meals are served family style, so it’s very social and before you know it you’ve got loads of new friends (so it’s great for solo travelers!). Now that your bellies are all full you’ll head out for one of the most INSANE kayaks ever.

Beer yoga, dinner and a great time…

When we first got on the boat one of the guys running it asked if anyone had done beer yoga before… and as the good Canadians we are, Alex and I both put our hands up and were SHOCKED that we were the only ones who had ever done it before! It’s a great time and a nice way to decompress after the long day…. so if you’ve never done it before now’s your chance.

I don’t want to give away TOO much of what to expect from the evening because I loved being surprised by all the fun things they had organized but you can expect a lot of drinks, beer pong, good music and an amazing backdrop for it all. 



The morning of your second day you’ll want to sleep in a little… 
However, me being me, I couldn’t sleep and wanted to enjoy having the boat to myself before everyone else woke up. So I went up to the “hot tub” which actually wasn’t too hot, so it was perfect for that warm morning. It was hands down one of the best mornings of life.. completely peaceful, no one around and views that pictures do not do justice.

After everyone has taken their ibuprofen, and stumbled their way up to breakfast and coffee, the 2 day and 3 day boat trippers will split up. If you decide not to listen to me, and you decide to do the 2 day trip, then you can fast forward to the 3rd day of this itinerary which would be your 2nd day (does that make sense?? So what I did on my third day, is what you would do on your second and final day… got it?… if that doesn’t make sense then leave a note in the comments and i’ll try to do a better job at explaining haha) 
BUT moral of the story, is you should do the three day trip, so just keep following along…

Off to Freedom Island

So after breakfast you’ll head onto a smaller boat called “Man Phuoc” where you’ll boat to your OWN PRIVATE ISLAND!!!! And the Island is Called Freedom Island… commonnnn… could not be more perfect.

Yes, you read that right, your very own private island in Ha Long Bay, it really doesn’t get much better than that (See now why I am recommending doing the three day??)

On route to Freedom Island

The island is everything you could want. Not one, but TWO private beaches. Kayaks, hammocks, good food, good people… there isn’t anything else you could ever want. See for yourself:

After a relaxing day of doing whatever it is your beautiful heart desires. The amazing staff on the island set up a romantic dinner on the beach filled with string lights and delicious home cooked food. It was so special. 

We then all snuggled up on the beach and watched King Kong on a projector!! COMMON!!! It was SPECTACULAR!! 

In case you didn’t know, King Kong was filmed in Ha Long Bay so it was SUCH a trip watching that WHILE BEING IN HA LONG BAY!! ahhh felt like a giant monkey was about to jump out at any minute. It was such a nice little touch that really shows how far Oasis goes to make every aspect of the trip absolutely unforgettable.


Day 3…. your last day… it’s a very sad morning knowing that your time in heaven is coming to an end. We woke up, had a tasty breakfast and boarded our little boat, Man Phuoc, back to the big, main cruise. 

Once on the boat, Alex and I just relaxed and edited some of the video footage we had gotten on the trip. But they also have the option of a cooking class on the upper deck!! Highly recommend you participate in that! Don’t be a Lazy Lauren… get up there and enjoy the last bits of your trip.

So that’s it!

There you have it folks… the three day Oasis Bay Party Cruise! I can’t say enough good things about this company. The staff were amazing, the accommodation seriously exceeded all expectations and I loved the little touches they added like the movie, beer yoga and everything in-between. If you are heading to Vietnam then you MUST do this. Book your trip on their website HERE. If you guys go, please let me know and tag me in your posts and stories! I want to see it!! If you’ve been to Vietnam or are planning a trip, tell me about it in the comments below! xx

The part I didn’t tell you…

I feel obligated to tell you guys two stories that were not included in the above article. The above is what 99% of you can expect from the tour, but for the 1% who may come across some road blocks, I need to tell you these two stores. 

1. Losing our drone. 
This one still hurts to talk about.. We got so blown away by the amazing views in ha long bay that we decided to take our drone out to get some great shots. The boat was moving, but we were confident in our ability to manage the drone. Unfortunately, the drone started losing battery and as some of you may know, when a drones battery starts to die it returns to where it launched from (which is a great feature). However, since the boat was moving…. the drone landed in the water and was never seen from again. So why am I telling you this story? Well for 1) Do not fly your drone over a moving boat unless you have a full battery (and still wouldn’t recommend it) but 2) the second reason I’m telling you is because the staff were so amazing in trying to help us. They got one of their smaller boats and we drove around for about 30 mins looking for the drone. It was 10000% our fault but the staff still went ABOVE AND BEYOND trying to help us. It was so amazing. 

2. Alex needing stitches.
Alex had a little accident which led to him cutting his foot pretty badly. He needed stitches and we were both absolutely terrified. I am SO thankful for the amazing staff we had on the island who helped us every step of the way. They arranged for a speed boat to come pick us up from the island and took us to the closest hospital. They arranged for the boat and a driver to be waiting for us to take us straight there. We were so scared but they took care of everything and made us feel so comfortable. In a time like that I can’t put it into words how much it meant to us to have such beautiful people helping us. 

When we got back to the island we had missed dinner so they had put food aside for us and set up a private dinner for us on the beach. Alex and I were so overwhelmed by the genuine kindness of everyone involved. Every single staff member came by to check on us and I am still very emotional thinking about the love we got from everyone who worked at Oasis Bay.

These are the things that separate good companies from amazing ones. I hope none of you ever have to go through what we did but just have comfort knowing that if anything happens, you are in good hands.

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