<Event> A Haunted HaLong Bay

A Haunted HaLong Bay

<Event> A Haunted HaLong Bay
Join us on Oasis Bay Cruise on Thursday - 31st October to have a freaking party night on sea.

Professional DJ onboard with a HAUNTED DANCE FLOOR and a PUMPING SOUND SYSTEM

Event Information:

Departs : 8:00 AM (31/10) from Old Quarter
On board : 11:30 AM from Tuan Chau Habor to the Ocean
Returns: 5PM ( 1/11 ) back to Old Quarter if you do not take Freedom Island on the next day

If you do? More Party on Private island, Scary movies on big screen and chill…

Lets make Halloween 2019 unforgettable !!!

BOOK THE TICKET RIGHT NOW by BOOKING the tour at 31st (no extra charge for Halloween) on our website https://oasisbaypartycruise.com/ or DM us to help you.

If you want to check avaiable room to join, please check here: https://oasisbaypartycruise.com/our-tours/2-days-1-night-oasis-bay-party-cruise-halong-bay-tour.html or https://oasisbaypartycruise.com/our-tours/3-days-2-nights-oasis-bay-party-cruise-freedom-island.html

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