Packing for your trip isn’t just about a few items to bring. You likely have more questions about things to bring, what not to bring, and more. Here are some answers to common questions.


1. A Power Bank

I can’t tell you how many times this comes in handy when you’re trying to charge your Kindle, iPad, camera battery on airplane or bus. And oh wait, your boyfriend/hubby needs to charge something too? There are Power Outlet everywhere around the Cruise even on Freedom Island but Trust me, it’s a must-have. This is a great travel one.

2. A Day Bag/ Beach Bag

This is easy to overlook, as you known when you decide to take a look on this Cruise, all activities must be water and booze related... but don’t forget that you’re going to need something to carry your towels and sunscreen around the ship. That bag should also double as the bag you can take on your shore excursions and to walk about the ports. I’d look for something large enough to hold two beach towels, along with sunscreen, your wallet, and a water bottle. Ideally, it’d have a zipper on top to keep any small items from falling out!

3. Dollar Bills

When you order room service at 12am, it’s always nice to give the person who delivers it a little something extra.
But on Oasis Cruise, its an exceptional, if you forgot to cash out before sailing with us, no big deal. Just having fun and pay with your card in the end.

4. Bug Spray

Being in a tropical country like Vietnam with high humidity level, you would be regret if you forgot to bring your suitable bug spray. They’re easy to toss into your tote for the day. 
You might not need it on the Cruise but if you take 3 days 2 nights tour, you definitely need one. The second day you will spend on Freedom Island where surrounded by water, nature and of course it goes along with native creatures. Be ready to enjoy the trip completely !

5. A Mini Purse/Wristlet

Ladies–this one is a must. Normally, I’m the girl with the fairly large satchel shoulder tote with everything imaginable inside, but no one wants to lug that around a ship. That said, you still need something big enough to carry your ship card aka “SeaPass”, some chapstick, and your folded up daily itinerary. It is no wrong to be glamourous no matter where you are, neither in Jazcuzzi or Kayaking through Halong bay caves.

6. Zip-lock Bags

Bringing resealable Ziploc bags is one of the smartest things you can do. From keeping your phone/wallet dry while your swim to keeping wet clothes separate from your dry luggage, Ziplocs are worth their weight in gold. Bring a handful and know that your covered for anything you might encounter. Joining Oasis Cruise, water activities is the most important part. Keep your mind free by keep your thing in a Zip-lock bag.

7. Waterproof Camera

  Olympus and Pentax waterproof cameras is a going because they’re less expensive than Go-Pros, but those are amazing too. This one is waterproof up to 27 feet and would be perfect to take snorkeling.
Our Crew will follow you in most of activites to capture your moments but yes, if you want to create your own experiences in one of the greatest Wonder of the World, please do with waterproof camera ( it should be attached with you all the time because activities are intense )

Or if buying a waterproof camera’s out of the question, you might want to think about getting a waterproof case for your phone. I’ve used the Lifeproof line on my iPhone and it’s never failed. I know the iPhones are supposed to be waterproof these days, but I still get a little nervous about it.

8. Sunglasses

Like a cellphone charger, you know to bring your shades on a cruise. The only problem is that it’s so easy to forget them at home or in the car. With the reflection of the sun off the ship and the water, having sunglasses is a must. Get you an extra pair for your trip and put them in your luggage immediately so that you don’t have to worry about forgetting them later. Worst case, you’ll have a backup pair on your cruise.

9. A Refillable Drink Cup

Of course there are glasses on board, but they’re tiny and who wants to go back to get water every five minutes? Our Cruise is the first one to set-up Refill Stations on board with Reusable Bottle which you only need to pay about $2 for package : a Refillable Bottle and water for the whole trip . More than that, we use profit from this campaign to help Halong Bay environment - the Ocean environment that has been destroying by human existing. 


What all should I pack for a cruise, in addition to the items above?

Packing for a cruise is a little different than any other vacation, due to the simple reason that in the middle of the ocean it’s not that easy to run out and grab something you forgot. That’s why in addition to what we have above, here are a few more basic items you’ll want to bring:

Is there anything I can’t or shouldn’t bring?

The great thing about cruising is that the cruise lines are pretty lenient on what and how much you can bring. If you’re used to flying, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. There are no real baggage limits (within reason) 

That said, there are some things you can’t bring on the ship and the cruise lines have a hard line against them.

First is alcohol and beer. Things like liquor, beer, and other spirits are strictly against the rules. We must warn you that alcohol in Vietnam is not all the time qualified and examined meanning that you might have health issue if you buy random booze on the road. That can be a serious problem if you are in middle of the ocean. On Oasis Cruise, we offer a menu of 100 different drinks with a very reasonable price. You just need to take your backpack to us and have no worries !

Next are any weapons that might harm other passengers. Guns, pepper spray, tasers, and other things of this nature aren’t allowed for obvious reasons. Plus, you also don’t want to be caught with these in a foreign port. It pays to use common sense here; if you aren’t able to bring it onto a plane because it’s considered a weapon, then you shouldn’t try to bring it on a cruise ship.

Finally, don’t pack anything that can start a fire. Hair products like curlers, hair dryers, and straighteners are allowed. As well, cigarette lighters are ok to pack too. But things like candles, hot plates, electric blankets, heaters, and other items that heat up are prohibited.