Dan B

"Highly recommend this awesome trip!"

Day 1: I booked the 3 days 2 nights tour at Oasis Bay and it turned out to be one of the best experiences I've made in Vietnam. From the moment we started the tour there was a really good atmosphere. We had lots of fun with all the people on the boat and the guides were nice. In the afternoon we went kayaking, swimming and boat jumping before partying on the boat until late at night.

Day 2: On the next day we changed for a smaller boat that took us to a big rock where we were able to do some cliff jumping. Afterwards they took us to Freedom Island, a small island between two huge rocks with a beach on each side of it. The term paradise might seem a bit exaggerated but this little beauty comes really near to it. I definitely recommend to book the 3 days trip because the 2 days trip misses out this (best) part. On the island you have a far range of activities including volleyball, kayaking, swimming or simply lying in a hangmat and relaxing. In the evening there's a party again.

Day 3: On our final day the tour went back to the larger boat and from there back to the harbour. During the ride they showed us how to cook springrolls.

Food & drinks: We had overall 7 meals during the tour. 6 out of them were delicious, 1 was ok. Huge portions, a big range of choice and options for vegetarians and non-seafood-eaters were included. The drinks were obviously above supermarket prices but still slightly cheaper than the usual prices in a vietnamese bar or club. If you want to bring your own alcohol, they charge you a service fee.

Acommodations: The room on the boat was among the best i've had during my whole travel: Soft beds, own bathroom and a powerful air conditioning. On the island we slept in a 6 bed dorm which was nice and clean. Since it only had ventilators instead of an AC, it was a little bit hot at night.

Overall, the tour was definitely worth every single cent and i would highly recommend chosing this operator. The beautiful bay, Freedom Island, nice people, good atmosphere and the competent guides who know the area well and party with the guests made this trip an unforgetable adventure. The only thing I regret is that I didn't stay any longer on that beautiful Island.

Review on : September 2018